DJI Framewheel F550 unboxed

I got new frame DJI F550. This is hex a frame with motor to motor length 550mm. First impression is it *really* big!  Box size is 21cm  x 30cm weight about 1kg.

This kit is ARF (Almost ready to fly).

Lets see what’s inside the box.

6 x DJI Motor 2212 / 920KV – This motor is same as F450, support 3S/4S Lipo and 8″/10″ props. Good motor ;)

6 x DJI ESC 30A Opto high speed response 400Hz – this also same in F450 set.

8 x props – I know 2 for spare part, right? But I don’t have a plan to use it.

6xLeg (2 red color, 4 white color) – Why you don’t give this spare part too?

Last picture is misc items.

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