5 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi there Mr. Sarawuth..
    My name is Damone from Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

    I came across your website, looking for info to setup my new DJI F550 with Wookong setup. I am fly most 3D helicopter. Now want to do FPV and aerial photography. I hope you can give me some advise, what gain did you setup on your Wookong.


  2. Hi Damone,

    Sure, I’m happy to share that gain to you. Please wait a few day, I will be home this friday. ;-)
    And I wonder why I’m forget to share this gain on website. :-D


  3. Hi there Mr Sarawuth!
    I have too trex-450 with naza-h. It works almost well, but I wonder that can you give me detailed setting value?
    Best regards Seppo from Finland:)

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