DJI Framewheel F550 build log

My first Hexa frame multi-rotor. Very impressive on meterial and how easy to build it. It take just only 1 hour and ready to flight. Follow with my unbox blog.

Step 1)
– Unpack all upper and lower plate.
– The lower plate designed to use as power distribution board.
– The upper plate for hold battery.

Step 2)
– I’m using 12AWG silicone wire for Battery connector. And using male XT60 as battery connector.
– Solder this wire on battery point.
– Solder VU Meter at battery point.
– Solder 6 ESC on point and please careful to follow pole mark on board.

Step 3)
– Unpack arm and use 2 red arms at front, 4 white arm on the back. And use M2.5×5 screw with thread lock glue on all arms.

Step 4)
– Use cable tight to put ESC on lower arm as picture, please do not over tight it. It make broken ;-)
– Install 6 motors into it place and use M3x8 screw. (4 screws per motor)

Step 5)
– Pay attention on this step. *Don’t put any prop.*
– I’m going to check all motor direction. Follow by this photo.

– Plug M1 location ESC wire into receiver CH3 (I’m using Futaba – make sure you new airplane model and reverse thorttle channel).
– Plug 3 pins cable from VU Meter into batt channel on receiver.
– Turn on your transmitter and plug battery on hexa.
– Check direction of motor. If it wrong, swap 2 cable on ESC and test again.
– Do on all motors. And mark your ESC cable with M1,M2…M6 label.

Step 6)
– After config DJI Naza with Hexa frame. Install all props and battery.
– I’ll share my config later. Need to fine-tune a little bit.

My next step will put Gimbal!! Can’t wait to see it fly.

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