Trex 500EFL upgrade part 500 DFC CCPM Swash Plate/Rotor Holder (H50194, H50119B)

It’s just release from Align this week. And arrived to me today. I don’t know how different yet. Will let’s you know this weekend :-)

– New DFC Swash plate make no different.
– But you can have more cyclic limit than old Swash Plate.
(I’m using BeastX)


In this package it contain
– 500DFC CCPM Swash Plate
– 5 ball link

It’s printed with laser on swash plate. “T-REX 500 DFC ULTRALIGHT EXTREME 3D EDITION SWASHPLATE”.

After put the ball link. Looking good?

Next upgrade part is 500PRO Metal Tail Rotor Holder. It’s part number is “H50119B”. The tail rotor holder come with original 500EFL kit is H50119A. The different between “A” and “B” is.

– (A Version) Tail rotor hub x 1(Φ8.8×39.8mm)
– (B Version) Tail rotor hub x 1(Φ8.8×40.4mm)

– (B Version) Tail Rotor Holder Washerx 2(Φ6xΦ8×0.3mm)

And this is what’s they claim on website.
“Dual radial bearing with thrust bearing design to dramatically increase rudder precision and gyro locking action.”



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