DJI Datalink 2.4Ghz with Single waypoint.

I got a good deal from one DJI dealer. They sell 2.4GHz datalink module lot cheaper than other one. So, time to get one and expand my WK-M to fully UAV system.

[important]Before you purchase this datalink please contact your dealer and after purchase unit don’t forget to send your WK-M hardware ID and get new serial number to enable View / Single waypoint for free.[/important]


This box contain
1) 2.4GHz transmitter
2) Installation CD. (Don’t forget to backup)
3) Accessory box.

In accessory box contain 3 items
1) USB Cable for Transmitter module <-> PC, CAN cable for WK-M
2) 2.4 GHz (I’m not sure that they give 5dBi or what)
3) DJI 2.4GHz datalink receiver

Take a look on Transmitter module. Antenna port on right side, USB port on left side.

2.4GHz datalink receiver have only one CAN port. It’s use less power compare to 900Mhz module.

– Run autorun.exe on CD.
– Install .NET Framework
– Install Google Earth plug-in
– Install USB driver (Windows 7 user just plug module in and it’ll install driver for you).
– Install Ground Station 4.0 and don’t forget to upgrade to 4.0.6[/notice]

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