DJI F550 Framewheel with X468 Gimbal

Put Gimbal and F550 together. This make my F550 look more and more better. But you have to put double-side tape between Frame and Gimbal then screw the nylon nut between gimbal and frame. Or you have to drill another hole on Gimbal to make gimbal lock into position. [Thank you alex to correct me ;-) ]

Update: Mount point and modification point for DJI F550 and X468


My current gain: Basic: Pitch: 180, Roll: 180, Yaw: 175, Vertical: 150

Att Gain: Pitch: 160, Roll: 160


Closed up photo on gimbal nylon lock nut and frame will share later.

Please consider on protection foam. It make landing very smooth. But sometime it make your Hexa and bounce head or tail.

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7 thoughts on “DJI F550 Framewheel with X468 Gimbal

  1. Hi Sarawuth, do you think the double sided tape that you suggested is enough to keep the Gimbal stuck to the bottom board?

    And where would you drill a hole for a screw into the bottom board? Could you show this? I don’t want to damage/short-cut the power circuit within the board.

    Best Regards

  2. I’m sorry, I’ll edit my post. It have to screw nylon nut too. Double-side tape not enough. And I will take a photo for you this weekend. Thank you.

  3. Hi Sarawuth,

    i also have been building the same landing gear + gimbal. i see you use the foam to wrap the landing skid, does this help much on minimizing the bouncy affect when the hexa touch down ?

    it look like the landing skid is a bit bouncy ….

    thank you.

  4. Hi izha, It make my F550 landing soft but sometime it tilt to front or back (extend landing pipe will help this). And this foam will appear in your GoPro video.

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