Eagle Tree Systems Altimeter Microsensor V4 & Guardian Stabilization

Last time I got OSD system from Eagle Tree Systems. OSD Pro/GPS/eLogger. But when put everything into Quad rotor. Only GPS latitude, longtitude information can be use. GPS altitude are not accurate. So I decided to purchase two more sensor,

– Eagle Tree Guardian (This will use for show horizontal line on OSD)
– Eagle Tree Altimeter (This is barometer and calculate information to Meter format).

When put it together you will get information like below video. On very last video when I move all equipment to floor. Altitude will change from 1 meter to 0 meter.

Parameter on Windows Setting

You know, after I put everything together and re-think again. I feel like I must have Airplane. The quad rotor will use only information from sensor and show. But with airplane. you’ll able to use data from sensor and control plane…….

Anyone can help me on airplane? I want slow flying with about 30cm wing span…. :-)


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