DJI WK-M Welcome on board

Welcome on board WooKong-M. This is really big investment for me. First time I got the package and opened it. It make me feel amazing. I never see product from china better like this. The design, material on body and cable is really good.

Big change from DJI Naza is separated sensor IMU, GPS, Power module.

If you have chance to see material on each item. You’ll be surprised as me. It made from aluminum. Not like a toy.

This is what’s they look like when put into quad rotor frame. (Not my frame, i borrow all imaged from DJI).

I will share my setup soon. I got it since last week and success install on Gaui 500X. It’s fly great. GPS hold work perfect.

Course lock, Head lock work perfect. And failsafe make me and my friend scary. It fly high after failsafe on and return to my start position. Its a little bit outside big tree. But so lucky that it landing safe. :-)

Multi Rotor Types: Quad-Rotor / Hex-Rotor / Octo-Rotor 
Supported ESC output: 400Hz refresh frequencys 
Recommended Transmitter: PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 5 channels and Failsafe function available on all channels 
Recommended Power Supply: DC 4.8 ~ 12V 
Power Consumption: MAX 5W (0.9A@5V, 0.7A@5.8V,0.5A@7.4V,0.4A@8V)
Operating Temperature: -5°C to +60°C (You have to keep the IMU warm if you want to use it under low temperature, could be -5°Cor lower.) 
Flight Performance (can be effect by mechanical performance) 
Hovering Accuracy: 
    Vertical: ± 0.5m 
    Horizontal: ± 2m 
Suitable Wind Condition: < 8m/s (17.7mph) 
Max Rotate Angle: 35° 
Vertical Speed: 6m/s 
Packaging &Shapes

• Main Controller: 51mm x 39.6mm x 15.8mm
• IMU: 40mm x 31mm x 26mm
• GPS & Compass: 50mm (diameter) x 9mm
• LED Indicator: 25mm x 25mm x 7mm
• Total Weight: <= 150g

Built In Functions
• Auto-pilot
• Fail-safe Hover
• Gimbal Stabilization
• Voltage monitor
• Go Home & Auto Landing

WooKong-M View Data Link
Hardware Interface: USB2.0
Radio Frequency: 900 MHz / 2.4 GHz
Transmit Power: 1000mW / 130mW
Data-Throughput: 11,520 bps
Communication(Open air): ≤3km (2.4GHz 2dbi antenna)
≤10km (900MHz 2dbi antenna)

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