Kasama Dune 600 : Part 4 (Motor & Cable)

I choose Scorpion HK-III 4025-550KV. The motor size is so big but its look small when put into Dune 600. :-D

For safely, please consider drill motor shaft. I use a hand drill tools. It make shaft look bit ugly. But it hide within pinion.

Ok, everything is almost done. Last servo Align DS655 installed. And this is a good time to hide all cable. In the picture, The aileron servo cable is too long. I will fix this later.

This side is look good. I use servo extension cable for BEC (I’m using CC BEC Pro 20A). One cable is plugged into Futaba 6203SB receiver. And another cable plugged into BeastX.

Tips: I use a marker to note servo location. One to four mark for each servo. It’ll help when you maintenance or change servo.

And. I’m really thank you to Kasama Factory and Veveeshop Thailand distributor. On my kit. One linkage rod not in a good condition. They send a replacement part to me for free. How good service? Really thank you again.

Next is my last component. Castle Creation ICE2 HV 80A.

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