Kasama Dune 600 : Part 6 (First Flight!)

After two months of assembly and wait for electronics equipment. Today is my first flight!. First impression is low noise. Its really quiet compare with Align Trex 500. Second is this Dune 600 feel so light. You have to try by yourself. My final spec: – Beast X – Align DS615 – Align DS655 –…

Kasama Dune 600 : Part 5 (ESC)

Finally I got the last component for Dune 600. I choose Castle Creation ICE2 HV 80A. Because the motor spec is suitable with this and factory claim that Dune 600 can use with 80A :) . Let’s see   I use SupraX 4 for battery connector. It’s really easy to solder. Finally!!!! Speed Controller in-place.

Kasama Dune 600 : Part 4 (Motor & Cable)

I choose Scorpion HK-III 4025-550KV. The motor size is so big but its look small when put into Dune 600. :-D For safely, please consider drill motor shaft. I use a hand drill tools. It make shaft look bit ugly. But it hide within pinion. Ok, everything is almost done. Last servo Align DS655 installed.…

Kasama Dune 600 : Part 3 (Some electronics)

This is my desired equipments. – Beast X – Align DS-615 x 3 (Cyclic) – Align DS-655 x 1 (Rudder) – Scorpion MK-III 4025-550KV – Castle Creations ICE2 80A HV – Castle Creations BEC 20A – Futaba 6203SB receiver – Turnigy 3000mAh 6S x 2 (Will change to 3300mAh)

Unboxing: Kasama Dune 600

My dream came true. At least I got my last helicopter. It’s Kasama Dune 600. Still not decided for power system. But no need to rush. How about the box? Its 1″ shorter than Kasama 90E. But material is same. Man, it MADE IN THAILAND!!!! This kit contains 4 boxes. – Box 1: Canopy, Frame,…