One thought on “Gaui 500X with DJI WK-M

  1. Hey Sara,

    thanks for the pics of your gimbal drillings!

    Two points about the wookong m:

    1. Did you experience so far any “toilet bowl/whirlpool” effect with the latest firmware when turning on the Wookong M GPS RTH failsafe while its descending/autolanding in GPS-failsafe? You can read a lot about that “toilet bowl” effect on the forums, MANY theories what may be the cause. So far, noone seems to be 100% sure how to fix it. Most guess that its a wrong value on the Z axis of the GPS placement (2cm wrong value or more), others say its interference by the power circuit. I’m actually experiencing the issue atm. Trying to fix it. For me its most likley something is setting off the compass as that could explain the circling. I think making circles is unlikely for gps failure, especially when blue led is blinking all the time.

    2. How would you measure the CG of your F550 with gimbal installed? You need to enter XYZ axes for the IMU/GPS in Wookong M software assistent? Would be nice if you could make a tutorial how to measure the XYZ CG of the F550 or any other multi-rotor WITH a gimbal installed (e.g. especially Z axes could move below bottom board once gimbal is installed). Any “practical” How-To to measure the XYZ with a full equipment/gimbal hex/quad for wookong m would be greatly appreciated. I dont find any good tutorial.

    Anyway, great blog! :-) Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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