Gaui 500X with APM 2.0

This is my first flight with APM 2.0. I decided to plug this board into Gaui 500X. It quite easy to maintenance for me. After a few hours to play around with board, configuration and tune up. I finally fly it. But not good yet. I just finished tune up on Arco and Stable mode. But I have massive yaw when start flying in Arco mode. Still have no idea how to fix it. But stable mode look perfect for me.
[warning]Please make sure you power on the board from BEC from ESC or dedicated BEC. Without this your Receiver will not work.[/warning]

With in this picture. You’ll see I’m using MinimOSD and 5.8Ghz TX. I’m plan to FPV this quad soon :-)




7 thoughts on “Gaui 500X with APM 2.0

  1. hello,

    I will also use APM2 on GAUI 500x frame. How did you install APM2 ? I see a blue sheet under APM2; how is connected this blue sheet to frame. can you provide a better photo

    Thank you

  2. I’ll share picture this weekend. The blue sheet is normal acrylic sheet. I use double side tape with Gaui 500X system platform.


  3. Do you mind to share your setting? I have pair my apm 2 with my 330xs 500x, but it juz flip back when throttle up.

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