DJI Naza-H (GPS Combo) – Unboxing

Really long story for me to get this Naza-H from dealer. But with their best support. Now it’s in my hand.


This is combo package plus free PMU (External BEC with current sensing).

Items you will get
– 1 x Naza-H box
– 1 x GPS-H
– 1 x PMU Unit


The DJI Naza-H unit size/design/dimension is same as Naza-M but it in a black color. This make me worry to plug it with small size helicopter like 450.


Plastic case of DJI Naza-H is partial transparent. You can see something inside the unit.


Next item is ‘Remote LED’. This unit use for USB data connection to computer (for setup). And LED status display. You have to put it on a back or bottom of helicopter.


Extension cable for large size helicopter.


The rest item, USB cable/ Servo cable/ 3m double side foam tape.


Next package (2/3) is DJI PMU. This will be free if you purchase it within promotion period.


– Input voltage 11V to 52V
– Output voltage selection 5.8V, 7.4V
– Continuous 5A (Peak 15A)


GPS Box (3/3). Its same box like Naza-M GPS. Only different is label show it is for Naza-H.


GPS Unit is exactly same as GPS for Naza-M. And it can be use with Naza-M also.


Another extension cable for large size helicopter.


The rest in a box. The GPS mount is different. For Naza-M. It will be carbon rod with metal plate to raise the GPS up. But for Naza-H. Its a tail boom mount.

IMG_0300 IMG_0303

Put this mount on your tail boom and use cable-tide to hold position. (I suggest you put some double side tape between boom and mount plate.


Next will be setup review on Trex 450 DFC

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