DJI F450 with APM 2.5 and Arducopter 2.7.3

I decided to change frame from F330 to F450 due to space for put equipment. The default PID value is not suitable for this frame. But not much change.

I also put external BEC (Castle Creation 10A). I always use this not because the speed is opto type. But it’ll make your overall system stable. ESC will not heat by BEC function.

Here the current PID. I still working on Loister PID. I also think to put GPS on above or make some plate like DJI GPS.

But current result is good. I like it :)

5 thoughts on “DJI F450 with APM 2.5 and Arducopter 2.7.3

  1. Hi.
    can you tell me your Pid Settings for the F330 Frame?
    You don´t touched the I Setting in Acro Mode. Don´t you use Acro?


  2. I’m running the f450 with a 6000mah 4s battery and 10×5″ props and I have it flying good in stabilize but altitude hold is way off. Also I was wondering if you have any idea how to center my throttle so that 50% throttle is hover.

  3. Hi Sarawuth,

    I want to make an autonomous copter like yours that is going to be controlled by a pc so no remote controller needed. But i want to be able to develop some code on it. i like the F450 for space issues and the ardupilot board.

    Is there anything i should be aware of or care before i buy ?

    Right now i think i should have an f450 skeleton and

    and that kit?

    Do i need more / less? and What’s the price im looking for generally.


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