Arducopter APM2.5 with DJI F330

Just finished put all component. Default parameter look quite ok. But need a few adjust and she will fly great!. Tomorrow will do more fine tune and will share parameter soon.

Update 1: Bad luck. Seem like one of my motor gone. I need replacement before continue testing. I’m tesing it with DJI Naza too. Same result. It suddenly stop and came back.

2 thoughts on “Arducopter APM2.5 with DJI F330

  1. Hi.. my name is peter I need help on connection..
    Is APM2.5 output supposed to connect to motor speed control right??
    if the power of speed control is powered already then just only signal should be connected to APM2.5 output with the pins named ‘S’??

  2. Yes, APM2.5 output is go to speed control. And if you have other power supply for APM2.5 board. Please use only signal and ground (S, -) for speed control.

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