Unboxed DJI Naza GPS module.

Today I just got my upgrade from local dealer. Let’s see what inside it.


First is GPS module. This exactly same as WK-M GPS module. Except Naza logo on top.


Second pack contain GPS mount/double side tape/alignment sticker.



No any instruction manual inside. No activation code too. I believed I will got some alert when plug it to assistant software.

[important]You don’t need to use any new serial or activation code. Just plug this GPS module and controller unit will take care everything[/important]


My plan is simple. I would like to put with small quad and play with FPV system.


One complain is carbon rod is too short. Hey DJI you can do this better. I’m fear that it will not able to mount with F330 framewheel.

[important]The short carbon rod from DJI is long enough to use with F330.[/important]

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