Align Trex 150 – Micro Beast!

It’s not easy to find a small size but powerful helicopter. Two months ago align released this Heli information. It’s a 100size class. It use brushless motor, main and tail motor. And so big advantage point for me is ready for futaba S-FSHH frequency. I can play all my RC with one remote controller. Yes!

Binding/Setup with remote is really easy. You can follow align document one by one step and it ready to fly. No need to any adjust mechanic part.

First flight.
Tail motor will start first and follow with main rotor. It will always yaw to right if you slowly increase THR. Can fix by immediately increase THR and hover up. You will know when you fly.

Tail wag, acceptable. Tail stop, acceptable. I assumed it came from brushless motor.

Battery life.
I need more extra battery. You can fly only 3 mins with 250mAh 7.4v lipo.

I love this Trex 150. I can fly in my room my front yard. Easy to carry. Really quick to charge.

I also made a charge cable for my charger. It easy if you have solder skill. No need to buy align charger.

Update 1:
– Like other align product first lot. The tail case plastic is crack. I fix by use CA glue. My tail is better than before. Please recheck your before flight. It’s may end with motor pop out and crash. :-)










Home Made charge cable

Updated: I got extra battery from some local merchant here. Price acceptable.


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