DJI F330 Unbox / Review

I just got it today. Let’s see what different from their brother. This is small size quad copter from DJI. Small package with short arm length. Size of motor to motor is 330mm (33cm). Can compare with Gaui 330X.

The package box is same as before. ARF sticker like F450, F550.

Package contain:
– 1 x Top/Bottom plate (Small)
– 4 x Leg (Redx2, Whitex2)
– 4 x DJI ESC 18A Opto
– 4 x DJI Motor 2212/920kv
– 6 x Props (2 for spare)

[important]This is my current gain setting. It really good response and balance.

Basic: 135, 135, 135, 120
Atti: 130, 130

What’s tiny top/bottom plate? This is really tiny. You can’t compare it with F450 / F550.

DJI ESC 18A Opto. Do you think its enough for F450? I’m thinking about put F330 engine on it.  Size of ESC same as DJI ESC 30A.

Motor for DJI F330 are same as F450 and F550. All using 920KV (3S/4S).

Propellers are 8×4.5. They give you 6 props. Now I can use this with my F550. I would like to know flying behavior.

DJI F330 leg is really small and short.


Same like F450. Bottom board have 4 solder point plus one for battery.

I only have one DJI Naza for F450/F330 and GAUI 500X. So I make a small jack for easy VU meter.

After finished solder it will really fast to complete all leg to frame. Just only 5 minutes.

Complete assembly for DJI F330. Turnigy 2200mAh 3S really match with frame not to big.

One for all. Motor 2212/920KV.

It can’t put it GoPro with housing. Leg is too short and props hit. But i’m not confident to fly with this way. Any suggestion?


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