TIME To Get Excited.


Two years ago they open campaign for first Pebble. I never seen any smartwatch that can survive 7 days battery life, easy to see when walk outside.

And this year. They open second Kickstarter campaign for new Pebble Time. This is upgraded version with Color e-paper display and still able to keep 7 days battery life as first version. It’s really amazing for today smartwatch compared with Apple Watch / Sony Smart Watch. And as before. They also support for both Android/iPhone.

So, it’s easily make me support their project. And I got it yesterday.


The watch itself is smaller than first version. Build is great and rubber band is so soft. The color screen is nice! Easily to see when walk outside but not quite vivid.



My old favourite watch face working fine.



Watch menu is all color with animation. The button is firm.



Kickstarter!! And the upgraded / charging port on back side.


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