DJI Naza with Gaui 500X (Upgrade from 330X-S)

– DJI Naza
– Gaui 500X Frame
– Gaui 330X-S Motor x 4
– Gaui (Turnigy) 10A ESCs x 4
– 8×4.5 props

Following screen shot will show all setting for Gaui 550X frame. Its fly perfect for me ;-).

1) Motor Mixer: Quad-rotor X

2) TX Monitor (S-Bus, All setting work – included Fail Safe Mode)

3) Auto Pilot – This setting work great for me. It’s responsed all my finger and my desire!!

4) Gimbal – Not now. But SOON! :-)

5) Voltage Monitor (I tried, it’s work fine too but please follow your sense. Take it down when you feel it out of battery)

2 thoughts on “DJI Naza with Gaui 500X (Upgrade from 330X-S)

  1. Hi,
    I wonder if you can help me. I have no idea if I’m setting up my Dji Naza correctly, It just flashes yellow when I turn it on.
    Could you possibly help?



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