ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (RG)

Destiny Gundam is designed as a multi-purpose MS that can handle a variety of combat situations without exchanging equipment during the battle. For close combat, the suit features not only two Beam boomerangs that double as beam sabers, but a large Anti-Ship Sword, which is the preferred weapon-of-choice of Destiny’s pilot, Shinn Asuka. In addition, the Palm Beam Cannons are also used in extreme close combat. For long-ranged battle, it is equipped with a Long-Range Beam Cannon and an optional Beam Rifle. For defense, the Destiny mounts a small physical shield as well as two Beam Shield Generators. Lastly, the suit is equipped with a standard set of head mounted CIWS.

Developed as a high-performance and versatile machine, the Destiny’s design allows for multiple external and internal weaponry. During the design process, it was deemed that a standard MS frame would hinder the overall performance of the Destiny in terms of maneuverability and the ability to operate its weapons quickly to be used to maximum effect. The designers solved the problem by incorporating an armor dividing system similar but different to that used on the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom. This system works in conjunction with a sliding mechanism for the dividing armor panels. The internal frame is composed of smaller and flexible components which utilize armor panels that can separate into smaller portions to allow the leg units to move through its full range of motion. The joints are constructed of the same materials found in Phase Shift armor. When activated, it is possible to adjust the stiffness of the joints during motion. The reaction also produces a metallic glow when the joints are active.

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/144
Series: RG
Original: Gundam Seed Destiny
Release Date: Late Apr, 2013




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