Cubieboard Baseboard arrived

A Baseboard is a developer board and, like the Cubieboard, is very extensible and can connect to a variety of devices including sensors. To simplify the connection to additional devices, it is common to have an additional printed circuit called daughterboard or baseboard. This board is a baseboard, because it acts as a base to the Cubieboard. The Cubieboard can take power from this baseboard.

George Ioakimedes informs us of the following baseboard daughterboard design:

•2mm pitch female sockets to accept Cubieboard
•All 96 Cubieboard pins brought out to 0.100″ pitch headers •4-pin power header to match optional power input header on Cubieboard
•LVDS header w/ separate LCD Backlight connector to match low cost LVDS cable
•4-wire touch screen connector
•Standard 2.5mm DC jack, 12V-18V input
•Onboard 5.0V switching regulator to power the Cubieboard and provide 3A (available on 0.100″ header)
•Onboard 3.3V switching regulator to power LCD and provide 3A (available on 0.100″ header)
•15W Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier
•VGA circuit and HD15 connector



I found one issue to using this board. You can’t power-up the Cubieboard with out modification like below photo. Bypass diode that prevent power up from expansion PINs. It’s work like a charm when do this.


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