Universal Motor Mount (AT450P-UMM)

Original align 450 pro dfc motor mount can’t be use with Scorpion 2221-8 motor. I have two choice between this upgrade part. Or use some equipment to extend hole on old motor mount. But I don’t have equipment. :)


Update: I really love it.

Note: the Universal Motor Mount provides the pilot the ability to run almost-all motor and gearing combinations available
for the TREX 450E PRO series helicopters. With a unique Universal Motor Mount hole pattern, the design can now
accommodate all M3 x 19mm and M2.5 x 16mm motors on the market with a solid, four-bolt hole pattern for the motor
installation and a strong and secure, t-channel lock system incorporated into the assembly. In addition, no more
struggling to reach the motor mounting screws – to adjust the motor pinion and main gear mesh, simply loosen the four
side screws holding the mount to the frame, set the motor to the desired mesh, and then retighten the side screws for
rock-solid hold.

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