Hobbywing Platinum Pro 40A with Trex 450 PRO

I’ve problem with Align 35A ESC from Trex 450Pro DFC kit. The motor power suddenly drop when fly. That make me feel unsafe to myself and my heli.

I decided to change ESC to Hobbywing Platinum Pro 40A. My friend at field mostly use it. Its work well and durable. This 40A dimension is fit to under battery tray. If you go for 60A, you have to put on any side of heli.

My ESC setting
– Break: OFF
– Battery Type: LIPO
– Cutoff: Soft Cut
– Cutoff Threshold: Low
– Start Mode: Very Soft
– Timing: 15
– PWM Frequency: 12KHz
– BEC Output: 5.25
– Liop Cells: Auto


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